Daily Flat Rate Packages

LEVEL 1 • $500
Truck with Grip Equipment and Tungsten Lighting
(includes 2 Kinoflos)

LEVEL 2 • $550
Truck with Grip Equipment and Complete Kinoflo Package
(includes 3 tungsten fixtures)

LEVEL 3 • $900
Truck with Grip Equipment, Tungsten, 3 Kinoflos, and 3 HMIs
(your choice of units)

LEVEL 4 • $1150
Truck with all Grip Equipment and Lighting from Equipment List
Grip Equipment Only • $350

Truck with Grip Equipment - Lighting Ala Carte as used
12 x 12 green screen and 8 x 8 Gold Silver Checkerboard Bounce is only included in Level 4 rental.  Ala carte on other Levels.
Doorway Dolly included on all Packages
Daylight and Tungsten Globes included with Kinoflos
Package note:  Additional lighting, dolly, or generator with cable package, may be added at daily rental cost.
Expendables:  Billed as used.  Correction filters (Gels) by the foot with three-foot minimum.
Truck Mileage fee $1.45 per mile.

Interview Package • $400
Van with Grip Equipment and Lighting on carts.
(mileage at $ 0.55 a mile.)

Minimum rental period is 1 day.  Reserved equipment is considered a hold only, equipment must be booked 48 hours prior to the job. Cancellation of booked equipment will result in a rental charge. Three-day week is available.